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teamtechnik receives top marks in the categories of training and dual study programs again

Image caption: Working independently is the focus of teamtechnik's training programs
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For the fourth time in a row, business magazine Capital and a group of HR experts went in search of Germany's best educators. A total of 666 companies participated in the study, including DAX-listed corporations, large public agencies, and several medium-sized companies and enterprises in the skilled trades. teamtechnik achieved maximum stars in the categories of training and dual study programs, making it one of the top educators.

The systems manufacturer already achieved an excellent rating last year. teamtechnik has now confirmed this top result with its strengths in trainee support, learning on the job, digitalization, and innovation. These are important for the company if it is to attract the interest of coveted, qualified young talent. For Marcel Rütten, mechanics training team leader at teamtechnik, one training goal in particular is crucial: "We give our trainees plenty of freedom. That is how we encourage them to learn and work independently. We encourage them to take their own initiative, make decisions, structure their approach to work well, and organize themselves from the outset. Those are all qualities they will need as future skilled workers in special-purpose mechanical engineering."

The system manufacturer's team of instructors showed their commit-ment by choosing to participate in the study, which comprised 90 questions. It was carried out from late March to mid-June, when the entire German economy was in pandemic mode. However, 11 percent more companies participated in the Capital study than in the previous year. 

teamtechnik is delighted with the positive outcome. The company is currently training 48 trainees and students from Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University and searches for new trainees every year.


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teamtechnik Group is an international market leader for production technology, assembly and functional test systems. The company based in Freiberg, Germany, focuses on developing and building cus-tom automation solutions for the new energy, automotive, and medical technology sectors. A proven strength is its high level of competence in the fields of software and control technology. Founded in 1976, teamtechnik now has production sites in Germany, Poland, China, and the United States. With over 950 employees worldwide, the systems manufacturer generates a turnover of €180 million.



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