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Our applications for your vehicle components

For over 40 years we have concentrated on automation solutions for sophisticated vehicle drive assembly components. We have overseen the development of many products right from their beginnings and encountered and created countless innovations.

Key e-mobility technologies

teamtechnik supplies assembly and test lines for electric motors and drives and also batteries based on lithium-ion technology.


teamtechnik can test both simple power takeoff units and also highly complex modern automatic transmissions (ATs), double-clutch transmissions and even hybrid transmissions for plug-in solutions, all on one and the same test bench.

Digitization and autonomous driving

Electronic components such as sensors, actuators and control units form the basis of autonomously driven vehicles. teamtechnik supplies the production systems on which these components can be efficiently manufactured and tested in series.

Power train

Examples of the complex mechatronic automotive components used in the drive train that are assembled and tested on teamtechnik systems include camphasers, proportional valves and transmission mechatronics.

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