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Exceptional production reliability and unbeatable flexibility for camphaser

teamtechnik specializes in assembly and functional testing systems for every model of camphaser.

Extensive production process pool for assembly and functional testing

  • Feeding, joining and assembly of all single parts
  • Pre-assembly of rotor and stator
  • Final assembly of entire adjuster
  • Test processes: function, friction moment and distributor leakage
  • Labeling processes
  • Full data traceability

Always the right solution, for your product's entire lifetime

Our flexible, modular system, covering the product's entire lifetime, is valued by our customers the world over. From manual stations to fully linked production systems, teamtechnik always offers the right solution for cycle times from 10 to 30 seconds: 

  • ECO CELL product-specific machine platform for start-up solutions
  • TEAMOS for semi-automated or fully automated production Systems

Your benefits

  • Consistently high product quality and availability: teamtechnik production systems guarantee every component is joined and assembled precisely.
  • Invest to meet your demands, expand to match your production volume – all thanks to the highly-flexible structure of our modular production systems
  • Reduce costs and logistics overheads thanks to integrated functional testing within the assembly line
teamtechnik production systems guarantee every component is joined and mounted precisely

Platform solutions for camphaser

Application film


Semi-automated assembly and functional testing system
for camphaser

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Highly automated assembly and functional testing system for camphaser

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