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Palletizing Systems – For different industries and requirements

It is fundamental to process stability in assembly lines that single parts are presented for further processing correctly and within the required cycle time and in many cases then reliably palletized.

For guaranteed high production output

Optimized flow between presentation and secured separation of even the most difficult trays, economical palleting systems as part of our machine concept and interface security for turnkey systems, all from a single source.

Your benefits

  • One less interface with turnkey systems
  • Process-stable tray separation even of unstable disposable trays
  • Individual solutions with standardized, high-quality components
  • The maximum cycle potential of a production system can be fully exploited
  • Choice between loading and unloading of trays by conveyor belt or transport trolley.

Your requirement

A perfectly tailored system for loading and unloading your products.

The basis

Our extensive modular system with standard, high-quality modules. Depending on your task and the characteristics of your components and trays, our specialists will configure and build the ideal palleting system.

Choice between loading and unloading of trays by conveyor belt or transport trolley.

The plus point

Even unstable, thin-walled disposable trays can be separated without problems. We are also happy to support you with the design and choice of material for your trays.

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