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Trends and topics

Innovative – a word that is sometimes overused. At teamtechnik we use it with justification. New trends spur us onwards, and innovative topics lie close to our heart. We are particularly inspired and active in these areas. This is where we are creating the future.

Series production of transmission test benches

Customer-specific production systems in only six months. Our revolutionary design has drastically cut investment costs in transmission testing:

series production of standard transmission test benches, based on the non-project-specific COMPACT DRIVE machine. With it, teamtechnik combines efficient, standardized production system modules with customer-specific processes. The extremely flexible COMPACT DRIVE system can be used to meet customer-specific requests in a very short time.

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Design to Region

Different countries, different levels of automation. Flexible production, for the international market. We combine standardized teamtechnik platforms with customer-specific applications.

This enables us to meet different, regional automation requirements and handle fluctuations in variants and quantity throughout a product's lifecycle.

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Alternative drive technologies also benefit from our power-train expertise. An assembly platform's flexibility is crucial for any economic production system, and that also applies to e-mobility components.

E-mobility components are already widely used, whether in assembly and test lines for electrical motors and drive units or in storage batteries based on lithium-ion technology. teamtechnik is convinced this number of applications will increase.

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Manufacturing Execution System

teamsoft.MES is a production control system, based on the MS SQL Server database management system. It is most commonly used as a host PC for production systems. It can run either on an industrial PC or on a server.

A PLC, test bench computer or customer devices from neighboring systems can all be linked via Ethernet or Profibus.

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Configuring test cycles rather than programming them

teamsoft.TEST is an innovative test software executed on a National Instruments® LabVIEW® runtime system which enables test sequences to be visualized graphically on the Internet.

The software splits each test into separate test modules, which can then be reused or combined for new and different tests. The graphical programming system is a web application. When linked via the intranet, you can use the software from any PC.

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Improve your production processes with computer simulations

3D simulations of production processes can provide important insights even before a production system has been built. Equally, simulation can also be used to optimize existing systems. We have been using this method since 2009.

Modern industrial production systems represent a long-term investment for businesses and therefore require thorough planning.

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