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Different countries, different levels of automation. Flexible production, for the international market.

We combine standardized teamtechnik platforms with customer-specific applications. This enables us to meet different, regional automation requirements and handle fluctuations in variants and quantity throughout a product's lifecycle. The result is versatile production systems for global markets – tailored to meet specific requirements, attractively priced and supplied astoundingly quickly.

The optimum foundation:
teamtechnik's global presence

teamtechnik completely understands that the level of automation required in production facilities varies from region to region. We have an international presence, and can react quickly wherever needed. All our production sites work hand in hand with each other, no matter where they are in the world.

Same core processes,
different levels of automation

Production constraint, operator qualifications, or country-specific legal requirements, all have an effect on system configuration. Whilst keeping all the core processes the same, we can configure every production system to match the degree of automation required on site.

Exceptional configuration options –
from start-up to high-speed

The hallmark of teamtechnik's machine platform strategy is the ease with which standardized base platforms can be combined with specific requirements when it comes to assembly and testing processes.

The ECO CELL and TEAMOS basic platforms offer outstanding configuration versatility, which is essential if you want to react quickly to ever-changing global economic conditions. We can create production systems which fit the different requirements and demands for performance in every part of the world perfectly.

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