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Sie interessieren sich für teamtechnik Industrieausrüstung GmbH in Ingersheim/Schramberg?


The future of mobility: electric and driverless

Batteries instead of combustion engines, computers instead of drivers – the future of mobility is networked, autonomously-driven vehicles with electric drive systems.

Current not combustion

The car of the future will consist far more of electrical components. In electric vehicles the engine, transmission, exhaust system and tank are replaced by a battery and an e-drive system. Autonomous vehicles also employ a large number of sensors, actuators and control units.

teamtechnik – focus on the future

Our experience has enabled us to develop the necessary production technology for the vehicles of tomorrow.

Even today our production halls are producing:

Test benches for:

  • electric drive systems
  • hybrid transmissions

Assembly and test lines for:

  • actuators and sensors
  • control units for vehicles
  • battery packs and modules for e-vehicles

Cluster of excellence for e-mobility:
working together to achieve our goals

teamtechnik has been a network partner in the award-winning "Electromobility South-West" cluster since March 2011. Working with around 80 companies and research institutions, we are instrumental in the development and production of electric vehicles in Germany, and in Baden-Württemberg in particular, with a focus on their suitability for mass production.

Test Benches for e-Drive systems – Already standard at teamtechnik
Assembly and test system for batteries
teamtechnik – We are developing the future.





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