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Improve your production processes with computer simulations

3D simulations of production processes can provide important insights even before a production system has been built. Equally, simulation can also be used to optimize existing systems. We have been using this method since 2009. You can profit from our experience.

Simulation for optimization

Modern industrial production systems represent a long-term investment for businesses and therefore require thorough planning. To achieve maximum productivity and efficiency from a production line, it is important to examine the structures and all process steps constantly, both in advance and during operation, so that improvements can be made. For this process optimization, 3D simulation has proven itself an effective tool. The outputs from simulation enable major improvements to be made, both for new systems at the design stage and for modifications to existing equipment. Thanks to the latest virtual-reality technology we can also offer you an interactive tour of your production system concept.

A further particular advantage is virtual commissioning of complex production lines, whereby their work sequences can be analyzed and optimized without real and disproportionately high outlay.

Time and cost savings with simulation

  • Production bottlenecks, waiting times, wastage etc. can be identified and reduced
  • Inefficient processes can be identified
  • Insights gained on limit values and dependencies
  • Economic value added thanks to increased productivity (speeds, times, workforce, logistics and flow of goods)
  • Reduced investment risk
  • Shorter commissioning times

What 3D simulations offer

  • Visualization of the production system in a realistic production mode
  • Planning and utilization of individual stations and sequences
  • Risk-free comparison of different production system concepts and ‘what if’ scenarios
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