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Get on the right track and hop on board for success!

At teamtechnik, a forward-looking company, you will gather real-world expertise during college, setting your career on the right path.


Want to get a taste of real-world experience during college?

During an internship, you can gain many valuable insights into the work of teamtechnik, a highly innovative and internationally positioned company. We not only offer you real-world expertise, but also open up opportunities for new horizons and contacts—not to mention the possibility of a career.

As part of your technical degree, you can complete an internship at teamtechnik in various fields and at international locations. At our company, you will be integrated into a dedicated and highly motivated team, assume your first professional responsibility and have an opportunity to use your theoretical knowledge in the real world. Thus, you not only obtain insights into the workflows at a global player, but also work with state-of-the-art technologies. And you receive appealing compensation.

Many of our interns remain in contact with us, continue to work as student trainees and write their thesis with teamtechnik, which allows them to secure entry-level career opportunities with us later.

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Are you looking for a practically oriented thesis?

Good thesis work at teamtechnik, the technology leader for highly flexible automation and world market leader in stringer technology, is an important step to a successful career. If it also has a forward-looking and practically oriented topic, then you have a great trump card in your hand for later career opportunities. And those are not the only advantages...

As part of your technical degree with a thesis, you work at the intersection of theory and practice. You can align yourself professionally, gain insights into the everyday business of our highly dynamic and internationally positioned company and expand your professional network. Another advantage: You will receive appropriate compensation.

While working on an innovative and current topic at one of our international locations, incorporate your ideas and scientific motivation. During your time here, you will be supported and personally overseen by a dedicated employee of our company and can draw from our expertise. And this will open up an opportunity for you to be hired on later.

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Student trainees

Study, earn money—and gain practical knowledge?

You can do all this and more as a student trainee at teamtechnik. This is the ideal way to connect theoretical knowledge from your studies to real-world experience and earn income along the way. And that is not all...

As a student trainee at teamtechnik, you benefit in more ways than one: You will get to know our work processes at one of our global locations and participate in international projects, which will allow you to gain valuable insights into the various work areas of our highly innovative company. You will receive appealing compensation and, after completing your degree, have a good opportunity for employment at teamtechnik.

We offer very flexible work hours so that you can optimally combine your studies and your job. You can decide for yourself how many hours you can and want to work, which allows you to coordinate your work hours with your studies individually.

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"By taking an integrated degree program in mechanical engineering, I have been able to get my career started quickly at teamtechnik. I work independently on interesting tasks with support from my helpful colleagues; I'm looking forward to the job I will be doing in the future."

Fabian Schmelzer, Mechanical Engineer 
(Graduate Dual Studies at teamtechnik)