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teamtechnik Production Technology

teamtechnik Poland was established in 2005 and, besides developing and manufacturing automated solutions in the automotive industry, it specializes in the application of computer simulations of production processes for their optimization. For several years, we have been expanding two branches – in Skawina (close to Krakow) and Ostrów Wielkopolski. A total of 250 employees work at both locations.

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What Krakow is offering

Krakow is the jewel in the Polish crown. Unscathed during WWII, the city perfectly combines the old and the new.
Walking its cobblestone streets, sense the city’s ancient glory. Reach the central square laid out at the intersection of important medieval trade routes. Select among lots of cultural events, home-made chocolate stores, artistic pubs and modern restaurants.  Touch the ancient walls, feel the distinct spirit and see on your own why this vibrant place attracts millions of international visitors.
Cracow (Krakow) is the top tourist destination of Poland. The city basks in glory of its long history and it greatly treasures its reputation of the culture capital of Poland. Cracow's seven universities plus almost twenty other institutions of higher education make it the country’s leading center of science and education. The city's expanding service sector is the lifeblood of local economy but varied industry and production still provide substantial proportions of jobs and wealth.

What Ostrów Wielkopolski is offering

Ostrów Wielkopolski and Kalisz are, after Poznan, the most important administrative, economic and socio-culturalsocial and cultural center of Greater Poland.
It is the region’s significant economic centre, in which electro mechanical, wood and chemical industries develop. Ostrow is also the cultural and sport centre. There are five universities and many sport clubs here. The city also belongs to Kalisz-Ostrow agglomeration. Because of its good location, Ostrow Wielkopolski attracts tourists from both Poland and Germany.
As the oldest Polish town it boasts  a long and colourful history that dates back to 1800 years or more. Despite some ruination damage suffered during World War I, it managed to preserve several remnants from its past, including a pleasant Old Town with Gothic and Baroque churches and fragments of city walls– that together create and old-world feel and make a really pleasant town, worthwhile town to visit.