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Cutting-edge automation: Assembly and test systems for electrical plug-in connectors

As production of electric vehicles becomes more widespread, the requirement for electrical plug-in connectors is growing. teamtechnik offers a wide range of solutions for connectors with either large or small numbers of pins. The connector housing holds flat contacts which provide the electrical connection between the cable and the various assemblies in the vehicle.

Specific process expertise

  • Machine platforms with fast cycle times
  • In-house feeder systems
  • In-house palletizing systems
  • Mechanical inspections
  • Visual inspections
  • Processing of oily and talcum-treated seals
  • Laser labeling

Mass production in series

Owing to ever shorter delivery times for plug-in connectors, the requirement is for fast and reliable system technology. With our flexible, standardized cam-driven ring transfer system we can meet these demands. This system has enabled us to successfully complete a large number of projects in recent years with both plug-in connectors with small numbers of pins and connectors with large numbers of Pins.

Platform solutions for connectors

Performance data:
- 60 cycles per minute
- 95% availability