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EOL test benches for all hybrid transmissions

From micro, mild, full and plugin hybrids through to pure electric drives, the hybridization of the drive train has resulted in numerous variations and designs of transmissions (P0 through P4). For all these transmission types, teamtechnik offers end-of-line test benches, for example for mild hybrid transmissions (12 V, 48 V) and plugin hybrid drives (400 V).

Platforms for all hybrid types  

COMPACT DRIVE for P1 through P3

e-Drive test bench platform

for P4

Special features of teamtechnik hybrid transmission test benches

  • Adaptable test software with drag-and-drop functionality
  • High level of control for maximum repeatability of measurement results
  • Electrical tests and calibration
  • From 48 V to 800 V high-voltage contacting
  • Testing with or without inverter installed
  • Function and noise level testing
  • Communication with control units
  • Battery simulation
  • Media management for water and oil

teamsoft – the innovative test software from teamtechnik

The teamsoft.TEST suite of testing software is optimized for use with our systems and enables complete flexibility of the testing process modules. For testing hybrid transmissions, teamsoft.TEST is an innovative software package that delivers graphical output from test cycles.

Contactation unit of a test system for hybrid transmissions