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Efficient system solutions for transmission valve bodies

Transmission valve bodies are extremely complex vehicle components, whose valve plates and valve housings may involve more than 100 components, depending on the type involved. Assembling all the components is a demanding task that requires an exceptionally high quality automated system.

Product quality thanks to automated processes

We supply reliable production systems for assembling and testing transmission valve bodies. We are experts in all the processes involved:

  • feeding, joining and assembly of all single parts
  • pre-assembly of all subassemblies and final assembly
  • screwing and labeling
  • fluidic calibration and functional testing
  • control unit communication and full data tracing

Reacting flexibly to changes

New manufacturing variations or changes to your product life cycles? All the assembly or functional testing systems can be adapted at any time: 

  • Manual stations
  • Hybrid production systems, which combine manual and fully automated stations
  • Linked assembly and functional testing Systems


Short delivery times, high availability

We can supply standardized machine platforms such as TEAMAXX for assembly, and VALVE BODY TEST for functional testing, at very short notice. These platforms also guarantee unbeatable system availability, and are an extremely cost-effective solution.

Platform solutions for assembling and testing valve bodies

Checking by immersion in oil
Test probe


Fully automated double test bench

for transmission hydraulic control module

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Fully automated test line

for valve bodies

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Fully automated test line 

for transmission valve vodies

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