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Fully automated double test bench for transmission mechatronics

Double test bench including conveyor, loading system and host PC. The test bench consists of one or more double test stations with an integrated handling system. A conveyor system moves the work-pieces to the test stations, where they are automatically loaded or unloaded. The test bench can be structured to suit your own requirements, and fitted with one or more test stations.

Special features

  • Double test bench for testing horizontal and vertical valve bodies
  • Fully automated loading/unloading including dripping station
  • Test bench can be loaded manually
  • Testing in oil: 2 immersion tanks, each containing 200 liters of oil

Technical data

Customer poductTransmission mechatronic
ProcessesHandling, connecting electrical contacts, flushing, testing
Cycle timeapprox. 8 min. + auxiliary times
Availability>95 %