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EOL transmission test facility

This production system is designed to be a series test line for 100% functional testing. The design is based on teamtechnik's modular test bench module. Its modular construction and flexible layout gives it unbeatable flexibility for handing different types and volumes.

Special features

  • Conveyor system with control system and work-piece carrier tracking
  • Helium leakage test
  • 4 setup stations and 5 EOL test benches
  • Oil management
  • Washer for pallets and transmissions
  • Various manual workstations for set-up and disconnection

Technical data

Customer product 7-speed, front DCT and AWD
Speed 0 to 5,000 rpm
Rated torqueup to 350 Nm 
Rated Output 95 kW

Machine platforms

Modular, flexible transmission test

platform for testing any

transmission type