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Assembly and functional testing systems for valves – tested, proven and highly flexible

At teamtechnik, we have more than 20 years of experience in assembly and test of servo-hydraulic proportional, control valves, SW und EGR valves.

Comprehensive process pool

Perfectly equipped for any component
and every procedure

From pre-assembly to final assembly, teamtechnik is the experienced partner for every valve component – even in the most complex processes.

Additions to the portfolio: 

  • Leakage test
  • Electrical testing
  • Fluidic calibration
  • functional testing
  • Labeling
  • Full Data traceability

teamtechnik accompanies your product throughout its life

teamtechnik offers the right automation solution for every stage of the entire product lifecycle – from manual stations and hybrid production systems to fully interlinked systems with cycle times from 5 to 30 seconds and join gaps up to 2 μm: 

  • standardized and product-specific machine platforms such as ECO CELL and TEST CELL as start-up solutions
  • TEAMOS, TEAMAXX and TEST CENTER for fully automated production systems

Ensuring hydraulic subassemblies are joined accurately every time is particularly critical for products of this complexity. We guarantee every production system can achieve this level of precision.

Your benefits

  • In-depth, expert knowledge of the product is key for highly complex processes such as mounting and checking valves.
  • We invest to meet your demands, expand to match your production volume: TEST CELL can later be integrated into the fully automated TEST CENTER.
  • Assembly and functional testing in one testing system: lower costs, and less time and effort required
  • Consistency in high product quality teamtechnik production systems guarantee every component is joined and assembled precisely.
Every component is joined and assembled precisely

Platform solutions for valve assembly and testing


Fully automated assembly and functional testing system for valves

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Semi-automated assembly and functional testing system for valves

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