Efficient EOL Testing of Inverters

Assembly and test systems for power electronics

Power electronics are one of the most important components of any electric vehicle, alongside the e-drive or hybrid drive and battery. This is why reliable, comprehensive end-of-line testing of the inverter before installation is particularly important.

Due to a high variety of types, an electrically conductive design or the necessary part traceability down to the component level, the EOL testing of the inverter – a key component – is particularly complex.

Why is EOL testing important? The inverter – also called the power unit – enables the interplay between the battery and e-drive by converting the battery's direct current into the alternating current required for driving. In the case of recovery, the same thing happens in reverse order: The inverter converts alternating current into direct current and charges the accumulator.

Inverter testing: Integrated and reliable

Based on our TEAMAXX platform, the inverter test bench simulates the original installed state by equipping the test object with all the necessary supplies, media and power. Next, all specific cycles can be simulated under conditions comparable to real ones in order to determine the measured values.

Based on defined values and tolerances, the individual functions are analyzed and the data with the results are allocated to the component via its ID in the production system.

Platforms for Testing

A test cycle with teamtechnik expertise:

  1. Attaching and contacting the inverter into the functional condition
    Positioning, mechanical clamping, simulation in the functional condition
  2. Adaptation: Connecting interfaces 
    e.g., HV connection, LV connection, CAN connection, sensors and cooling water  
  3. Starting the communication between the test rig and the measuring technology 
    CAN communication, Rest BUS simulation, HV interlock, measurement connections to the component, signal emulation and measurement of electrical variables
  4. Supplying power and the media to the inverter
    Power supply and recovery, cooling water supply
  5. Various test cycles and analyses, controlled by our teamsoft.TEST software
    Tests such as the HV test, preflashing, LV signal test, inverter operation at different voltages and currents, calibration of current and voltage sensors, Parklock – and much more. Our software generates the test cycles for these tests, and controls and analyzes them. 
  6. Automation and control technology
    Integration into automated production environments – interlinking, charging and discharging, adaptation and contacting
    Safety technology and control of all machine I/Os, automation control
  7. Data retention and storage
    Data acquisition and analysis, traceability, data provision and component allocation, transfer to external systems and other test systems
  8. Integration into the production system, hardware & data

TEAMAXX platform – standardized and, at the same time, tailored flexibly to your needs

teamtechnik has developed a platform for testing inverters and electronic components that ranges from hybrid, partially manual application to fully automated solutions.

The machine structure, installation, control technology and HMI are also standardized. Testing is carried out with the help of teamsoft.TEST, our proprietary test software.

teamsoft.TEST is the innovative testing software

Advantages of our testing platform:

  • Standardized platform 
  • Modular station concept
  • Adaptability to customer requirements
  • Easy to integrate into turnkey assembly systems 

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