Solutions for efficient production

Of control units and inverters

For all challenges such as diversity of variants, electrically conductive versions or parts tracking at the component level, teamtechnik offers tried and tested solutions.

Building on experience

Assembling and testing control units and inverters is demanding. Thanks to the many projects it has implemented, teamtechnik can draw on tried and tested solutions in developing its production systems. All important modules such as the platform, processes, feeder technology and software are provided by our own development department.

Process control assures quality

Apply adhesive and check with camera, monitor engagement of housing with laser and then check tightness: monitoring of all processes guarantees the highest quality.

Typical processes used include:

  • Depanelization by stamping or milling
  • Plasma treatment of materials before application of adhesive
  • Dosing of adhesives, thermal transfer pastes and sealants
  • Laser marking and labeling
  • EOL testing
  • Palletization in or out of trays

Production system and software from a single source

Trusted platforms such as TEAMAXX and software solutions developed in-house are the basis for short delivery times and high system availability. Software used includes:

  • teamsoft.PLC for control
  • teamsoft.RUN e.g. for parts tracking at component level
  • teamsoft.TEST e.g. for capturing and evaluating measurement data

teamsoft offers numerous interfaces for linking to or integrating customers’ own software.

teamsoft – the innovative test software from teamtechnik

  • NI® LabVIEW®-based runtime system
  • Real-time data acquisition
  • All data is stored in a Microsoft® SQL Database
  • Customizable reports
  • Customers can Configure test sequences
  • Continuous versioning
  • Data analysis
  • Intuitive graphical programming
  • Flexible operator HMI design

Placing of Cover

Glue dosing

Placing of tuner box

Set circuit board

Unload module

Fit gasket

Unloading and palletizing

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