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From start-up to high speed

There is no such thing as reliable planning in the automobile industry. Fluctuating unit numbers coupled with an increasing range of variants, enormous cost pressures, ever shorter development times, and outsourced production sites – these are the challenges presented by the market. The only option for suppliers is to start small at the beginning of the series, be able to modify production quickly when necessary, and involve the system producer in the design, right from the very start. teamtechnik's modular designs and extensive portfolio of standardized machine platforms give you the right equipment to handle the process at every level of expansion

Unbeatably flexible production based on standardized machine platforms

teamtechnik’s assembly and functional test systems have exceptional flexibility. We combine intelligent processing technology with modular structures. From semi-automated solutions for assembly and functional testing through to fast cycling high performance facilities, we develop and build production systems for every requirement. And also for completely unique processes.

Our machine platforms are standardized. By adding your specific applications to them, we create your bespoke production systems.  


teamtechnik machine platforms as a non
project-specific standard range:

  •  basic mechanical infrastructure for these processes
  • Automation
  • Safety technology
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic/electrical equipment
  • Control/test software
  • Host PC

Start-up solutions

Low unit volume? Long cycle times? Development phase, prototype production?
Select a cost-effective production system, based on one of our machine platforms for the start-up-phase.
Later on, we can transfer your core processes to series equipment.

Find out more about the benefits of each of the machine platforms for the start-up-phase:

Series production

Start with a semi-automated production system, then make a few modifications to upgrade to a
fully automated production system. Most start-up solutions can be extended quickly and easily for use in
series production. We even design single manual workstations as modular structures. Increased planning
reliability, lower costs – that's teamtechnik series production. 

These are the series production machine platforms and their benefits: