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teamsoft.TEST – The innovative test software from teamtechnik

teamsoft.TEST is an innovative test software executed on a National Instruments® LabVIEW® runtime system which enables test sequences to be visualized graphically on the Internet. Using teamsoft.TEST, test sequences can be subdivided into separate software modules, which can be combined and reused for other test situations.

Drag and drop for simple graphical programming of test sequence

teamsoft.TEST is the product of 25 years' experience in  test software development. It is an innovative system which offers graphical creation of test sequence for testing mechatronic products. The test results are used for quality assurance and for production optimization.

Applications for teamsoft.TEST

  • Fully automatic EOL testing of components, such as double-clutch and hybrid transmissions, valves and mechatronics
  • Testing of electrical components and E-drive
  • Testing of components in the type mix
  • Testing on manually loaded test benches
  • Pilot series and process developmental test stands
  • Functional testing of pumps and hydraulic assemblies

Graphical programming with drag & drop method

The modular structure of the test sequence workflow enables new test steps and test sequence modules to be added from a library and parameterized. This give users enough flexibility to intervene in the test sequence and to edit and optimize it. Test sequence modules can also be reused for new and different testing tasks.





Flexible upgrade of the test sequence

The test sequence is flexible, and canbe upgraded by adding test steps. At the same time, using predefined test sequence modules reduces the risk of programming errors. Numerous software wizard functions help you to produce the test sequence.

teamsoft.TEST architecture
Programming system: test sequence displayed as a graphic