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Transmission test benches with lead times starting at six months

Our revolutionary design has drastically cut investment costs in transmission testing: series production of standard transmission test benches, based on the non-project-specific COMPACT DRIVE machine platform.

teamtechnik COMPACT DRIVE – versatile and non-project-specific

teamtechnik combines efficient, standardized production system modules with customer-specific processes. The extremely flexible COMPACT DRIVE system can be used to meet customer-specific requests in a very short time.

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The standard is high-tech

The modular transmission test bench can test any type of passenger vehicle transmission. The drive, output, and control, modules in this teamtechnik module are all standardized and product-neutral.

They can be supplied very quickly, and ready to use

All the test bench's non-product-specific components are already present and ready to go. Consequently, the time to delivery only varies due to the amount of application engineering required to adapt the test bench to the customer's specific transmission type. The result: you will get your teamtechnik test bench much faster than any other test bench on the market.  

Series transmission test benches – your benefits

  • Lead times starting at six months
  • Lower investment costs
  • teamtechnik supplies cost-effective and technologically well-thought-out solutions, right from development, through pre-series, to series testing
  • High degree of maturity at SOP