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teamtechnik makes more possible.

"Our customers require flexibility. Their success depends very much on the speed with which they respond to market demands and on the quality of that response. Flexibility is therefore a key requirement of modern production systems. We realize custom-tailored production solutions for assembly and for functional testing with the intelligent configuration of standardized and tested function modules. This allows our customers to plan with confidence, minimizes delivery times and costs and creates systems of outstanding quality – in Germany and many other locations around the world."

Stefan Rosskopf, Executive Chairman of the Board and Group CEO

Assembly and test systems from a single source

This is what makes teamtechnik a strong company: we have a thorough understanding of our clients’ assembly and functional testing requirements, and build customized systems on standardized and flexible platforms.

teamtechnik technology, ahead of the market

Flexible production system platforms, from extendable start-up solutions for medical technology to the fastest and best performing machines for the solar industry: teamtechnik is always one step ahead in the market.

We lead the market with modular and flexible production system platforms and have done so for over 15 years. Market leaders in transmission testing and in stringer systems for the solar industry. The fastest systems in the world. Our increasingly fast high-throughput stringers guarantee our customers and us market leadership.

A guarantee of success: the platform strategy

teamtechnik has developed standardized platforms in each of its business divisions. The benefit of every customized production system is that it consists of tested and reliable function modules which ensure reliable production and short delivery times.

International presence

We have subsidiaries around the world so that we can be where our customers manufacture their products. Wherever you are in the world, whatever the level of automation you need, we will offer you the solution that is right for you. Technology transfer to our subsidiaries is accomplished smoothly. That is global service. Our customers cannot risk any production downtime – which is why we maintain a local presence around the world.

Independence and healthy Expansion

As an owner-managed company, we are independent and autonomous which enables us to plan for the long term and grow in a sustainable way. Our non-hierarchical structure enables us to make decisions quickly, clearly define areas of responsibility and remain very flexible. We are responsive to our customers' requirements.