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10,000 contact lenses per hour

Production systems with outstanding performance bring our customers success in their market. High system availability and the quality of the lenses are the measure of all things. In a department dedicated to contact lenses, specialist engineers have been fulfilling the demands made of this product for over 20 years. Product and process expertise that you can rely on.

We automate your processes

We realize our customers' process engineering as powerful production technology. We have been proficient at key processes such as monomer dosing, IR curing and UV radiation plus all the subsequent processes over many machine Generations.

Turnkey solutions

A standalone solution for single stages of production or a complete package – teamtechnik systems are delivered ready to use. From the start, we pay careful attention to all the details and take on overall responsibility. Production managers around the world have reason to appreciate our turnkey manufacturer services.

Specific process expertise

  • De-molding
  • from injection molding machines
  • Nitrogenation
  • Color-printing processes
  • Monomer dosing
  • Curing
  • Cracking/decapping
  • Visual inspection
  • Hydration
  • Packaging
  • Printing and sealing blister packs
  • Palleting and boxing

Expertise and trust are worthwhile

One company has ordered almost 60 production systems from us – and has had good reason to do so. This customer sets great store by our development expertise and the ongoing improvements to its production system technology. We constantly optimize the company's processes and improve its production rates. teamtechnik and its customers – in a win-win situation together. 

High-precision dosing of contact lens monomers