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Turnkey systems for dialysis filter production

Some of the world's leading manufacturers obtain their production systems for dialysis filters – complete turnkey systems – from teamtechnik. These turnkey systems prove yet again that teamtechnik has the skills necessary to construct production systems with all the processes required. Examples are integrated laser welding, vision systems and gluing technology which affirm our excellent position as designers of cutting-edge technology.

Assembling and testing fibers

A key factor: the fiber bundle

Every fiber is of literally vital importance in the production of dialysis filters: the specific number of these delicate fibers is as crucial as the perfect flow through each individual one to optimize the blood purification process that dialysis patients require to remain alive. teamtechnik has already fulfilled this responsibility with many Systems.

Fit a supporting ring
Final function testing
Transfer to leakage test

Optimizing processes, lowering costs

We not only identify the workpiece carriers, but also capture the machine's processing data and forward it to higher-level host PCs. The results can be used to optimize processes and cut costs. A perfect way in to Industry 4.0.

Final filter testing

Like the fiber bundle on assembly, the final result is also subjected to painstaking testing. Only then are the blood and filtrate end caps assembled.

Thanks to numbered and labeled workpiece carriers, it is possible to trace the whole production process.

Integrated labeling
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