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Cutting-edge automation: high-tech inhalers in high volume production

Inhalers must satisfy an ever-growing range of demands. In particular, it is essential that emergency medication is delivered at the correct dosage. Modern inhalers, whether they are traditional nebulizers or powder inhalers, feature highly accurate dosing technology and totally reliable counting mechanisms. Our customers demand cutting-edge automation and high production rates – and teamtechnik are specialists in this field.

Specific process expertise

  • Blister cutting and coiling
  • Laser inscription
  • Labeling
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Mechanical functional testing
  • Visual inspections
  • Leakage and flow tests
  • teamtechnik's own feeder technology
  • teamtechnik’s own palletizing systems

Metered Dose Inhalers

teamtechnik is expert in producing systems that assemble components in a matter of seconds and which integrate counters and final function testing – even with assembled drug cartridges. Sophisticated function testing includes leakage and flow-rate testing, and spray pattern measurement. We have successfully met all these challenges time and time again.

Dry Powder Inhalers

teamtechnik has the technological skills to handle any kind of DPI (dry powder inhaler) – single dose inhalers, disc inhalers or blister inhalers, we deliver reliable production systems! We can also provide blister strip solutions to meet the most stringent requirements, in terms of coiling tightness and blister geometry.

teamtechnik feeder technology included

Thanks to the fact that we implement standardized Interfaces, our palletizing and feeder systems can be seamlessly integrated in teamtechnik production systems. You save time and money. And what's more: the production systems can run 24/7. Our coordinated technology and interfaces give you all the benefits of a high-availability and turnkey production system.

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Feeder technology from teamtechnik – for perfectly aligned and tuned interfaces
Perfect parts in a matter of seconds
Cut Blister Strip, coil and place into DPI

Planning confidence from the start

We can provide a POP (Proof of Principle) platform for the early phases of your project. Technically and economically, this is the best approach to assembly and testing at this stage. We use the TEAMED POP entry-level platform to verify and validate your processes. Later on, these processes can then be transferred, on a one-to-one basis, to a fully automated system on a TEAMED platform.

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In a matter of seconds: Assembly line for MDI with dose counter

Machine platform


The perfect solution for
sophisticated assembly and function testing

TEAMED LTS is the ideal platform for sophisticated assembly and function testing. It can be linked with any other teamtechnik platform.

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Machine platform


Ideal for maximum output requirements.

TEAMED RTS is the best machine platform for producing high volumes of units. Its primary benefits are: short cycle times, stable processes, a single servo drive and very few pneumatic components. It is a very energy and cost-efficient system which requires very little maintenance.

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