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Safe handling of delicate cannulas

Traditional feeder technology cannot be used for fragile cannulas – it is too easy to damage their fine tips. Special feeder systems with magazines are required, with separation technology adapted to suit the individual cannula format. To ensure the applications full compliance, the cannulas must be rotated in order to ensure correct alignment. To do this, sensors record the microsection for orientation purposes and check it with the camera. teamtechnik has the expertise required to handle such difficult products safely.

Assembly line for cannulas

Our applications

Production system for a cannula assembly

We select a single cannula from the magazine and position it for laser inscription. A camera system checks the geometry and contrast of the laser marking. This process should be as quick as possible – a challenge for laser and test technology. The cannula is then glued into a carrier and a protective tube is attached. The availability figures for this production system are high. All the processes are coordinated with each other and mesh perfectly.

Technical data

Customer product: Cannula

Cannula processing
Laser inscription
Glue – UV curing
Turnkey manufacturer – including packaging systems

Speed:up to 60 cycles/min
Availability97 %
Machine platform:TEAMED LTS
Accurate feeding and alignment of cannulas
Cannula safely glued into a carrier

Machine platform


Perfect for complex assembly and test processes

TEAMED LTS is the ideal platform for producing large volumes reliably. It can be linked to any other teamtechnik platform. For example, for a turnkey production system, a subassembly can be preassembled on a satellite system in preparation for the main assembly step.

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