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Assembly and function testing systems from a single source: Only fully tested pens leave the production area

We integrate 100% end-of-line testing in our TEAMED LTS platform, alongside the assembly processes. This enables high-precision products to be manufactured at a low unit price – even at low volumes. With its engineering expertise, teamtechnik has achieved success with a much-tested solution to check the adjustment mechanism with torques in the milli-Newton meter range.

Measurement, display and analysis of very small physical values in fully automated systems

Our applications

Flexible production solution for new injection pens

While we are already building the highly automated production system, our customer is still developing and optimizing their new pen system. In such cases, our specialists work closely on simultaneous engineering with our customer's development departments. Not a standard task – teamtechnik's specialist engineers are expert at this kind of work and so are able to shorten the time-to-market period for new products.

Technical data

Customer product: hormone pen

100% testing of function and smooth running
Torque tested in the 0.001 Nm range –
laser inscripted dial

Cycle time: 4,6 sec.
 Availability:>90 %
Machine platforms:TEAMED LTS
Testing and positioning the shell

With teamtechnik production systems, even small and medium volumes can be produced extremely economically

Machine platform


For sophisticated processes and 24/7 production

We have accomplished and completed more than 80% of our turnkey assembly and test lines for medical products on this tried and tested platform. TEAMED-based systems can be upgraded to accommodate increasing unit numbers quickly, resulting in very little production downtime.

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