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Test systems for injection pens

With human beings forming the last link in the process chain, applications in the medical and pharmaceutical sector must be governed by extremely strict regulations. We not only build production systems, but also supply the necessary test technology. With teamtechnik, you guarantee maximum product safety.

Extensive expertise in testing processes

At teamtechnik we can provide impressively comprehensive experience of the numerous processes that we have already automated:

  • Torque measuring dose dial
  • Performance of preselected volume with monitoring of piston stroke
  • Verification of the scale display with a camera inspection
  • Labeling the component to trace faults in rejected parts
  • Measuring the piston force/displacement
  • Measuring injection quantity
  • Measuring the depth of needle insertion

Our applications

Testing injection pens offline

We test the functioning of injection pens in batches and randomly on an offline test bench. While a pre-specified number of insulin units is set on the dial, we compare the torque required with a set value.

When the injection quantity is output, we check the force and displacement required. For optimum quality assurance, we also attach a label to the pen. In some applications, the actual amount of medication dispensed is measured and compared with a set value.

Technical data

Customer product:injection pen

force and displacement measurement
Measuring injection quantity
Measuring needle insertion depth

Cycle time: up to 80 mechanical modules/hour
Availability: 95 %
Machine platforms:TEAMED Stand-alone
Test of torque at 0.001 Nm
Visual inspection of dial

Machine platform

TEAMED Stand-alone

Ideal test platform

The TEAMED platforms was developed especially for integrating complex, fully automatic functional test and for robotic applications. Like all the Teamed platforms, it complies fully with CFR 21 regulations as a matter of course.

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