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Over 100,000,000 parts per year: reliable assembly at low cost.

Plastic assemblies such as dispensing pumps, spray systems and infusion systems are mass-produced and marketed in huge volumes. We have developed the fast-cycling TEAMED RTS assembly system for this purpose. Its mechanical rotary drive guarantees stable processing technology. With TEAMED RTS, you will be producing high volumes for decades to come – 24/7.

Precision riser assembly, 4 tracks at 70 cycles/min

Specific process know-how

  • Riser assembly
  • Leakage test
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Sophisticated joining processes
  • Complex screwing processes
  • Visual inspection
  • teamtechnik's own feeder systems
  • teamtechnik's own palleting systems

Numerous product variants?
the solution is here.

Many of our customers produce up to 40 product variants on the same TEAMED RTS. This production system is so flexible that it can be set up for a new variant, economically and easily. The short set-up times are not at the expense of the cycle time – a big cost plus.

Thorough leak-test in 0.8 second cycle time
Plastic assemblies for medical technology

Machine platform


High-output performance at up to 120 cycles/min.

The ideal machine platform for mass production. Short cycle time, stable processes. Just one servo drive and some pneumatic equipment – you get a very energy-efficient system with few maintenance requirements and low operating costs.

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