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Sie interessieren sich für teamtechnik Industrieausrüstung GmbH in Ingersheim/Schramberg?


Flexible solutions for innovative medical technology

teamtechnik Medtech is a successful operation supplying reliable assembly and test lines for sophisticated products. Our customers enjoy the reliability and the technology they receive from our standard and proven platforms. teamtechnik experts always find the right solutions for you, even for your newest products.

We specialize in these products:

Injection systems

Injection pens or self-injection devices must be produced and tested with the highest accuracy and the process data must be monitored meticulously. teamtechnik integrates full (100 %) functional tests in the assembly line. It doesn't get safer than that.


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Innovative production solutions for metered dose or dry powder inhalers of many different types, with blisters or disk cavities. teamtechnik coils blister strips to meet the most stringent requirements.


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The production of diagnostic devices involves processes with the most stringent requirements such as dosing technology or biomarker spotting. teamtechnik flawlessly develops and integrates processes of this kind.


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Plastic assemblies

Maximum production rate and system availability are crucial for drip chambers, spikes and spray pumps. Our customers rely on our fast, cam-driven production systems for successful 24/7 production, for decades!


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Dialysis filters

We use complex processes, such as fiber counting with optical systems, or leak tests, to ensure that vital filters have the necessary quality. For over 15 years, teamtechnik has been building pioneering solutions for these applications.


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Contact lenses

We have already supplied over 50 production systems encompassing several machine generations. The successful teamtechnik concept for minimizing space requirements for lens production: all the processes run on just one machine.


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Innovative teamtechnik

Production solutions
for new products

teamtechnik is not afraid to tackle new products or processes. Customers come to us with brand-new products and we develop automation solutions for them. Your latest medical product can go to production in a very short time. We have successfully proven this many times over. We understand time-to-market, and can help you!

Modular teamtechnik

The right platform for every requirement

Whether you start with your proof of principle and prototype production, or want to embark immediately on a high-volume production system – everything is possible at teamtechnik. Even the start-up systems are equipped with original processes. A special cost-saving feature: it is possible to turn a start-up system to a production system after validation.



We are completely satisfied with the design of the production system and give the way the processes we asked for have been realized a score of 'very good'.“

Director Operations, Alere Technologies GmbH


As a leading designer and manufacturer of injection systems, we have found an option which enables pharmaceutical companies to produce complex pens for short courses of treatment at an acceptable price to patients.“

CEO, Haselmeier GmbH


Without teamtechnik, we would not be able to produce the best contact lenses in the world.“

CEO, Ciba Vision


The smooth-running cam technology makes it possible to achieve greater precision. We have had positive experiences in the past with mechanically driven rotary transfer systems because they provide very high positioning accuracy. In my view, it is this crucial factor that decides the quality of the final product.“

CEO, Aero Pump GmbH

teamtechnik – We are developing the future.





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