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STRINGER TT – based on tested technology

The standardized machine developed by teamtechnik forms the basis for all the teamtechnik stringers around the world: the high-output STRINGER TT4200 GIGA, STRINGER TT2100 and the STRINGER TT1600 ECA, with its new alternative connecting technology. STRINGER TT is synonymous with defined, tested processes and high quality, characteristics which go hand in hand with high availability, high output and low breakage.

The right solution for every requirement


High production capacity, flexibility and productivity

The STRINGER TT4200 GIGA has a production capacity of 145 MWp requiring only a floor space of 15.3 m².


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High-performance in 1.71 second cycles, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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New adhesive technology for crystalline cells. Developed for series production with electrically conductive adhesive.

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The teamtechnik advantage

Non-contact ribbon technology

All teamtechnik stringers use non-contact ribbon technology. The standard version of the solder-based TT4200 GIGA as well as the TT2100 uses infra-red light combined with closed loop control technology for precise temperature management.

During production, the controlled process technology compensates for variations in the cell material to ensure consistently high string quality. The STRINGER TT1600 ECA uses a combination of infra-red light and an electrically controlled heating tunnel for constant and accurate temperature management. This ensures that the electrically conductive adhesive is cured at the perfect temperature.

teamtechnik has completely separated the ribbon process from the handling process, which is of considerable benefit to the process overall: the solar cells are heated gradually and then cooled gently, ensuring that they are not damaged during processing. As a result, minimal breakage rates of less than 0.1 to 0.3% are achieved.

Hold-down device for fast speeds and precise ribbon positioning

We use a hold-down device that we developed especially to separate the soldering process from the cell handling process. Soldering is the only activity that takes place in teamtechnik's stringer systems during the soldering process –

unlike in other stringer systems. This saves precious processing time and delivers cycle times of only 0.85 seconds. At the same time, the hold-down device acts as a positioning tool which accurately places the ribbon on the cell. This careful positioning means that we achieve homogeneous, even soldering over the complete busbar.

Unique single-track technology

2100 cycles on just one production track – only possible with teamtechnik systems. All our stringers are built so that they only need one production track for soldering the solar cells. Each process only happens once on each production system. This means that the process only needs to be set up once.

Adjusted once, and maintained once. Each individual process is more simply equipped and occupies less space. The proportion of replacement and wear parts is low and the production system is clearly set out, providing easy access for maintenance work. This also cuts production costs. teamtechnik leads the world with this single-track system.