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Innovativ adhesive technology for industrial serial production

The STRINGER TT1600 ECA uses a specially developed electrically conductive adhesive for connecting the solar cells. The Stringer TT1600ECA is the first stringer with adhesive technology developed to meet the requirements of high-performance production with the aim of using less silver. The system is based on a proven and tested standard to which we added the adhesive technology. A series of comprehensive tests and experiments has confirmed excellent results for module efficiency and in reducing the use of silver.

STRINGER 1600TT ECA – the benefits:

  • Uses less silver
  • Minimum thermal and mechanical stress at low processing temperatures < 180 C
  • Consistently reliable adhesive technology in a tried and tested stringer concept
  • Suitable for all types of cell, including high-performance HJT cells and busbar-less cells
  • Also processes structured ribbons such as LCRTM
  • Lead-free connection Technology


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