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STRINGER TT2100 i8 – worldwide the fastest technology on one track

The high-output 72,5 MWp TT2100 i8 achieves maximum output and consistently high production levels on a single track. The patented hold-down device separates the soldering process from the handling processes. This enables 2,100 cycles per hour to be achieved on a single track – technology which has been applied successfully in over 800 systems around the world and achieves minimum breakage rates and the largest possible processing windows, for stable production.

STRINGER TT2100 i8 – the benefits:

  • High throughput: 1.71 seconds cycle time
  • Low breakage rate < 0.1 - 0.3 %
  • Availability > 95 %
  • Cost-effective and economical production
  • Compact footprint



Safe handling and reliable processes

It is the stringing and soldering processes that determine the productivity of a production system – processes in which teamtechnik has huge Expertise.