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10 years of teamtechnik China: growth in a dynamic market

Image caption: Major celebrations to mark the tenth anniversary of the teamtechnik subsidiary in Suzhou, China
Photo: teamtechnik (no fee for printing – notification requested)

"My first office consisted of a chair and a small square table," recalls Dr. Lingxiang Xu, CEO of teamtechnik China during his address at the celebration of ten years since the company was founded. In a major ceremony, employees, customers and government representatives celebrated the successful development of teamtechnik China in the new energy, automotive, and more recently also the medical devices markets.

In September 2010 the assembly and functional test systems specialist teamtechnik founded a subsidiary in China - in a market in which the risks and opportunities are closely intertwined. Within a few months a production hall and a floor of offices was ready for operation. At this time teamtechnik was a market leader for high-speed stringer systems, supplying them to solar module manufacturers all over the world, including China. A few years after successfully entering the market with its solar industry portfolio, teamtechnik restructured itself and made its name as a system manufacturer for the Chinese automotive market.

Today teamtechnik is a leader in China for end-of-line test systems for transmissions, hybrid transmissions, and e-drives for electric vehicles. 65 technical staff are employed at the Suzhou factory, working on turnkey solutions for assembly and test lines. These solutions include planning and project development, design and manufacturing, on-site installation as well as production support and service.

In mid-2019 teamtechnik extended its presence to include the Chinese medical market and by the end of 2019 had been commissioned by a Chinese injection systems manufacturer to build an assembly line. Dr. Lingxiang Xu looks to the company's future with optimism. In 2020 he anticipates a turnover of €8 million (RMB 64 million). Within the next five years this is expected to double to €16 million (RMB 130 million). The next steps for the company's market presence are already planned: "In ten years, teamtechnik China has achieved a lot. Our next objective has the slogan ‘Designed in China - Made in China," he explains. 




A brief portrait: teamtechnik Group

The group, based in Freiberg am Neckar, Germany, focuses on developing and building custom automation solutions for the new energy, medical technology, and automotive sectors. Founded in 1976, teamtechnik now has production sites in Germany, China, Poland, and the United States. With over 950 employees worldwide, the systems manufacturer achieves a turnover of €180 million.