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360 degree e-mobility: teamtechnik is set for electromobility

Image caption: 360° e-mobility. At teamtechnik, employees charge their cars from the company's own PV system – another indicator of the company's firm focus on the technologies of the future.
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The automation solutions specialist based in Freiberg, Germany has opted to systematically focus its automotive business division on forward-looking, emission-free technologies. Today teamtechnik is more than simply a world leader in the field of flexible test benches for electric drive systems. With its intensive activity in developing automated production processes for additional e-mobility components, the company is forging links to its own solar division.
In 2013 the company invested in its own PV system and electric vehicles for its own use, and since then has been embracing e-mobility to the full.

Stefan Rosskopf, CEO of teamtechnik, is firmly convinced: ‘The breakthrough in electromobility can be expected in the next few years, and we will be there to actively help shape this shift’, he says. The systems manufacturer, which employs 900 staff worldwide to supply assembly and test lines for the automotive, solar and medical industries, is ideally placed for this and is already established in the e-mobility world. With a new generation of end-of-line test benches for electric drive systems the company is once again defending its title as technology leader in the field of test systems. The new standardized COMPACT DRIVE testing platform enables electric drives of many different types to be tested – fully automated and with testing software developed in house. This specific solution has earned teamtechnik a top position in the industry. ‘The key competences for the future market of e-mobility must remain in Germany’, claims Rosskopf. For years the company's CEO has been committed to the cross-disciplinary exchange of knowledge for electromobility within Germany.

Photovoltaics: a strong pillar
Individual mobility and renewable energies go together, and for teamtechnik both are technology fields with potential for the future. Since the company entered the solar sector in 2004 it has evolved into a technology leader in this field as well. It produces high-performance stringers for the soldering of solar cells. Thanks to its extremely high performance and small space requirements, the record-breaking Stringer TT4200 GIGA, one of the latest generation of teamtechnik systems, is unrivalled anywhere in the world. More than 700 teamtechnik stringers, adding up to a production capacity of some 25 gigawatts peak, have been delivered across the world to date.

The new field of assembly and functional testing for the mass production of batteries is bringing power generation and power storage together. The first production facilities have already been established. Stefan Rosskopf: ‘Generating clean electricity using photovoltaic systems to charge e-vehicle batteries which can then be driven without emissions – that is our idea of the mobility of the future.’ 

Employees at teamtechnik refuel with solar energy
Even on its own premises, teamtechnik has opted for renewable energy sources. In 2013 the company undertook the first self-sufficient e-mobility project in Baden-Württemberg, involving its own e-vehicles, a photovoltaics production system, a storage battery and charging stations. Between the commissioning of the first PV system on the company's premises in 2011 and June 2017, over 1.6 million kilowatt hours have been generated from sunlight and used in charging stations and the company building. The company's own fleet is being continually expanded with new e-vehicles. Since the charging stations can be used free of charge, more and more employees are opting for e-vehicles. Integrating electromobility into the everyday life of the company is a personal objective. ‘And teamtechnik lives, works and breathes e-mobility 360 degrees’, says Stefan Rosskopf.




A short portrait: teamtechnik Group

teamtechnik Group is one of the international market leaders for production technology, assembly and functional test systems. The company, based in Freiberg am Neckar, Germany, focuses on developing custom automation solutions for the automotive, solar and medical technology sectors, in which it is recognized as a technology leader. A proven area of expertise is assembly and test lines for electric drive systems and e-mobility components. teamtechnik was founded in 1976 and today has production sites in Germany, Poland, China and the USA. With over 900 employees worldwide the systems manufacturer achieves a turnover of €150 million.