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A wedding gift – OEM orders test benches for e-drives from teamtechnik valued at several million euros

Image caption: A complex inner life: test benches for electric drivesPhoto: teamtechnik (no fee for printing – notification requested)

For teamtechnik, the turn of the year was a success. The year 2020 ended with the announcement that machine and system builder Dürr is coming aboard at teamtechnik with a majority shareholding of 75%. Simultaneously, teamtechnik received a major contract: one of the world’s largest e-mobility OEMs commissioned the company to build test benches for electric drives. The contract is worth several million euros.

The current order continues the collaboration of several years between the OEM and the vendor: teamtechnik has been developing and supplying test benches for this client worldwide since 2016. The systems specialist recognized the potential in electromobility early on and transferred its expertise in conventional drive technology to the new trend in mobility. This has enabled the engineers at teamtechnik to get to grips with the challenges of the software architecture of electric vehicles and the complex power electronics associated with it. "We are global leaders in EOL testing for electric drives. Test benches for e-drives have been part of our standard portfolio for a long time, and so we can also meet ambitious delivery deadlines." says Matthias Kurz, Head of Project Management at teamtechnik. For him, the new contract is a success in two ways: "Our expertise will be seen in the market. At the same time, our cooperative collaboration with our clients enables us to adapt our technology constantly to the latest developments in e-drive systems."




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