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Enabling production from batch size 1: Smart solutions for assembly and testing of battery modules

Image caption: Flexible sorter for battery cells
Photo: teamtechnik (no fee for printing – notification requested)

Flexibility is one of the most important requirements in the production of battery modules. As a specialist for assembly and test lines, teamtechnik has developed smart solutions for workpiece holders, sorting, and testing. 

Challenges faced in battery module production include different shapes and varying batch sizes. To achieve the flexibility that this requires, teamtechnik employs a modular system structure. This also results in shorter assembly times and improved scalability.  

A particular innovation is the intelligent networking of the process stations. The basis for this is a smart mount for the cell holder that can be adapted to various different module sizes in just a few steps. A barcode on the module is used to set up the appropriate production process, which allows production from a batch size of just 1. 

Cell sorting is another area in which teamtechnik is creating new paths. The smart approach here is that each cell is registered using a barcode and the voltage value measured during the beginning-of-line (BOL) test is stored in a database and placed in a buffer. The individual cells that are then placed in the cell holder are those that result in the smallest possible tolerance range. This results in an optimal module quality. 

In the end-of-line (EOL) test, the BOL measurement of each individual cell is retrieved in order to calculate an individual set value for every module. An advantage here is that the EOL parameter sets can be automatically adjusted without employee intervention. Additionally, variations, for example due to temperature fluctuations, can be compensated automatically.

Battery technology continues to evolve in giant steps. In line with this, teamtechnik continues to develop smart solutions for battery production. 





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