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High-Efficiency Solar Module Production at a Competitive Price

Picture Caption: Modern production hall for solar modules, Jinneng Clean Energy Co., Shanxi Province, China
Photo: Jinneng Clean Energy Co (no fee for printing – notification requested)

Jinneng Clean Energy Co., Ltd. is using teamtechnik stringers of the fast-cycling generation to produce solar modules, and is growing its market share.

Jinneng Clean Energy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the energy giant Jinneng Group, has sourced eleven stringers from teamtechnik. Using these extremely fast-cycling, high-performance stringers, Jinneng has been able to set up its entire production capacity within a very short time. This has also enabled Jinneng to meet the market requirement for manufacturing highly efficient solar modules at competitive prices.

The Stringer TT1600 solders solar cells at a rate of one every 2.25 seconds. This extraordinarily high efficiency enables an annual production rate of 45 MW per stringer. All eleven stringers were delivered to Jinneng, and brought into operation, just 16 weeks after they were ordered.

"Our aim is to be the most competitive solar module manufacturer in the world. For this reason, from a technical stand-point, we always select the very latest production technology," said Dr. Yang, Jinneng's CEO. "In selecting the Stringer TT1600, Jinneng has decided to implement a highly automated production line. This enables highly efficient solar modules to be produced cost-effectively. As a consequence, our production efficiency has improved enormously within a very short time, and it now considerably exceeds the performance of other solar module manufacturers of comparable size. Our 60-cell polycrystalline solar modules now achieve an output of 264 W."




A short portrait: Jinneng Clean Energy Co., Ltd.

Jinneng Clean Energy Co., Ltd. has set itself the goal of becoming a world-wide leading solar module manufacturer and supplier of renewable energy. The company was founded on 31st December 2013, and is the "Renewable Energy" division of the Jinneng Group. According to the FORTUNE 500 2014 survey, the Jinneng Group is no. 309 among the world's 500 largest companies. Jinneng Clean Energy Co., Ltd. has two production facilities capable of producing 500 MW solar cells and 600 MW solar modules. Its aim is to become the world's most competitive solar module manufacturer among the top five percent.

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A short portrait: teamtechnik Group

Headquartered in Germany, teamtechnik has been developing and building intelligent and innovative automation solutions for the solar, medical technology and automotive sectors for over 35 years. teamtechnik is the global market leader for stringer systems. The senior management team has set a sales target of €150 million for the current business year. The company employs 900 people around the world. The teamtechnik Group has subsidiaries in Germany, China, Korea, Poland, and the USA.

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