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Live testing – Efficient e-drive train testing

Image caption: teamtechnik: Series production of test benches for electric drive systems
Photo: teamtechnik (no fee for printing – notification requested)

A new test bench concept has been developed for the end-of-line testing of electrified and electric drives by teamtechnik Group from Freiberg, Germany. Its consistently modular approach and flexible architecture throughout are what makes it stand out.

Using the ‘Compact Drive’ test platform as a basis, teamtechnik has already supplied more than 300 test benches for applications such as manual, automatic, double-clutch and recently also hybrid transmissions and pure e-drive systems. To satisfy the highly specialized and ambitious testing requirements of electrical drive shafts, the testing platform has been extensively redeveloped using proven components. A wide range of electrical measurements and safety checks must be performed, and extremely high reference torques of up to 5000 Nm are encountered. In addition, the concept has to be compatible with various drive configurations, sizes (from 50,000 e-vehicles per model and year) and various cycle times.

The test benches consist fundamentally of three largely standardized modules: product-specific adaptation, standardized testing technology and automation to suit the requirement.
Product-specific adaptations include, for example, the flexible clamping fixtures for e-axes, the cooling circuits and the oil supply. Standardized testing technology covers the entire capture of measured values, conceived as an open system, plus the communication with the control units, the high-voltage power supply, the overall power management and the testing software.
The testing software developed by teamtechnik allows intuitive graphical programming of the test cycles without knowledge of high-level languages, along with extensive data evaluation and storage functions.
The third module is a system that automates the test bench to specific requirements.

As well as supplying individual test benches, as a general contractor teamtechnik also creates fully interconnected and automated testing areas. The most advanced versions of these are free-standing test benches into which the e-axes to be tested are automatically fed by means of a driverless conveyor system. This autonomous automation is coupled with the comprehensive digitization of all production and test data in line with Industry 4.0. And this is no more theoretical scenario: teamtechnik is already implementing it in one of the current projects.




A brief portrait: teamtechnik Group

teamtechnik Group is one of the international market leaders for production technology, assembly and functional test systems. The company, based in Germany, focuses on developing and building custom automation solutions for the automotive, solar and medical technology sectors, in which it is recognized as a technology leader with a high level of process expertise. A proven area of expertise is assembly and test lines for electric drive systems and e-mobility components. teamtechnik was founded in 1976 and today has production sites in Germany, Poland, China and the USA. With over 900 employees worldwide the systems manufacturer achieves a turnover of €150 million.