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Product Information

Precision test system for injection pens, auto-injectors and dosing mechanisms

Picture caption: The TEAMED Injector Test system from teamtechnik Group provides maximum control reliability and data security - efficiently analyzing, evaluating and displaying measured test results.
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Maximum reliability for testing of injection pens, auto-injectors and other drug delivery mechanisms: the TEAMED Injector Test, developed by teamtechnik − the international market leader in assembly and test equipment − provides a highly reliable solution for functional testing of injection devices. The automated test processes are precise and efficient, with results being clearly displayed, recorded and documented. Offering a wide range of functionality, standard tests include measurements of delivered dose volume, activation force, needle length, dosing stroke, and dosage setting in one continuous operation. Uniquely, TEAMED Injector Test performs dynamic, sensor-controlled testing of activation force and dose setting torque; experience indicates that such dynamic testing to be more precise than static testing and ideal for point-of-care applications. For a live production environment, an additional benefit is that these dynamic checks can be undertaken within a single clamping step, thereby avoiding the need for a handling step, thereby minimizing cycle time.

TEAMED Injector Test provides maximum control reliability and data accuracy - efficiently analyzing, evaluating and displaying test results. Operators can view at a glance all results and “OK/NOT OK” evaluations for each test object in real time. The process operates at the highest degrees of precision and sensitivity, imperative in medical technology applications; for torque testing, accuracy is maintained to levels of 0.001 Nm; ejection force measurements are performed to a definition of 0.01 N. A further advantage with TEAMED Injector Test is that testing can be either integrated within an assembly process, enabling 100 percent online verification, or can be installed offline (facilitating SPC testing of all aspects of device functionality).

TEAMED Injector Test is engineered on the established TEAMED production system platform, which is a compact, Class 7-compliant, platform, developed by teamtechnik specifically for assembling and testing of medical devices.

"This precision test system, with its proven technology, provides manufacturers of injection pens, auto-injectors and dosing mechanisms maximum certainty and reliability both in fulfilling their obligations to end users of devices and in meeting their statutory responsibilities," commented Volker Patz, Director of Mechanical Engineering & Project Management, Medtech Division at teamtechnik. 




A short portrait: teamtechnik Group

Based in Freiberg, Germany, teamtechnik has been developing and building intelligent and reliable automation solutions for the medical, solar technology and automotive sectors for the past 40 years. With a focus on assembly and testing, teamtechnik’s systems are distinguished by their modular and standardized process-oriented structure. teamtechnik is widely considered an international leader in highly flexible automation technology, having annual revenues of c. €150 million. With production sites in Europe, US and China, the company employs over 900 people worldwide - the majority being engineers and highly-qualified automation specialists. teamtechnik Group has 6 production sites in Germany, Poland, China and the USA.