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Safety first: teamtechnik demonstrates high-end assembly and test systems

Image caption: Safety first: assembly is followed by precise quality testing.
Photo: teamtechnik (no fee for printing – notification requested)

teamtechnik has further developed its competence in combining the assembly and testing of medical devices. From November 18 to 21 the German-based automation specialist will present its innovative solutions for the production and testing of pens, self-injectors, syringes and plastic assemblies for medical technology at the Compamed trade fair in Dusseldorf.

The internationally active company has established two focal points for the automated production of medical products: the planning and execution of assembly and test lines for complex injection systems and fast-cycle assembly systems for plastic assemblies. These are used by teamtechnik customers to manufacture products such as stopcocks, needle hubs and spray pumps in large unit volumes - both economically and with precision.

A proven strength here is the high level of competence in both fields – assembly processes and testing processes.
Solutions developed by teamtechnik thus include inline and offline testing.  For offline testing of injection systems, the company developed a platform of its own. This fully-automated standard solution enables the testing of individual assemblies, such as dosing mechanisms, through to complete testing with drug release. The testing accuracy for the torque of a pen lies in the newton-millimeter range.

At its stand in Hall 8 B, stand P13, teamtechnik will demonstrate the test cycle of an injection pen.




A brief portrait: teamtechnik Group

teamtechnik Group is one of the international market leaders for production technology, assembly and functional test systems. The company, based in Freiberg, Germany, specializes in the development and construction of customer-specific automation solutions for the medical technology, new energy and automotive sectors. teamtechnik was founded in 1976 and today has production sites in Germany, Poland, China, and the USA. With over 1000 employees worldwide, the systems manufacturer achieves a turnover of €180 million.