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teamtechnik Expands Production Capacity for E-Mobility

Image caption: Excavator cutting the first turf. teamtechnik CEO Stefan Rosskopf (on excavator) gives the signal to start the construction of new production space for E-mobility.
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teamtechnik, which specializes in automation solutions, is continuing to grow and is now increasing its automotive capacity. This is the company's proactive response to the growing demand for testing areas for the electrical mobility sector.

With a symbolic spade cut, teamtechnik CEO Stefan Rosskopf launched the construction of another new production hall at the company's headquarters in Freiberg, Germany, on 28 September. This expansion has created 2,700 square meters of new production area containing around 50 workplaces for testing transmission and drives for hybrid and electrical vehicles. The 7.5 million Euros invested in this project also include an extensive PV system. Completion is scheduled for July 2018.

The new building will be connected to an existing production hall to create a bright and airy, modern production facility covering a total of 4,500 square meters. The building project includes the installation of a photovoltaic system on the hall roof. With a generating capacity of 200 kilowatt hours, and a storage battery, this system will be able to power 24 charging stations for e-vehicles. In future, the company's car pool vehicles and employees' own vehicles will be able to "fill up" with electricity here. At present, there are four e-charging stations, which teamtechnik set up in 2013 at its own cost, to create the first autonomous e-mobility project on the company site. Integrating electrical mobility into the company's day-to-day operations is one of teamtechnik's specific aims.

Expanding production capacity is a critical element in the Freiberg company's corporate strategy, as is driving forward its use of cutting-edge technologies with focus and consistency. Stefan Rosskopf: "We are absolutely convinced that electrical mobility will break through into the mainstream in the near future. This is why we're taking such an active part in the transformation towards emission-free mobility."




A brief portrait: teamtechnik Group

teamtechnik Group is one of the international market leaders for production technology, assembly and functional test systems. The company, based in Freiberg, Germany, focuses on developing custom automation solutions for the automotive, solar and medical technology sectors, in which it is recognized as a technology leader. One of its proven areas of expertise is creating assembly and test lines for electric drive units and e-mobility components. Founded in 1976, teamtechnik now has production sites in Germany, Poland, PRC and the United States. With over 900 employees worldwide, the systems manufacturer achieves a turnover of €150 million.