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Slimmer, faster, and with an annual capacity of 65 MWp:

Image caption: The next high-speed generation: the fastest single-track system in the world, the STRINGER TT2100, now solders solar cells with a cycle time of 1,7 seconds
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teamtechnik presents the TT2100 high-performance stringer at Intersolar

High-performance in 1.7-second cycles, round the clock, seven days per week: teamtechnik will be presenting the next generation of its high-speed, high-performance stringer system at Intersolar, the trade exhibition for the solar power industry, in Munich. The TT2100 is leaner and faster than its predecessor. With an annual production capacity of 65 MWp, it connects solar cells with 98% availability. The cycle rate: exceptionally high. The breakage rate: less than 0.1-0.3%.

The new generation of teamtechnik stringers sets a new standard with a cycle time of 1.7 seconds. With an annual capacity of 65 MWp, the Stringer TT2100 is the fastest single-track system in the world. Once set up, its teamtechnik technology operates reliably without the need for further adjustment and offers availability of up to 98%.

Since 2010 teamtechnik has manufactured its stringers in series production. Customers of the more than 600 high-tech systems sold to date include leading global manufacturers of solar modules that are now ordering the fourth generation of teamtechnik stringers. Highly dependable output and the best soldering quality has made teamtechnik the market leader in this area of solar technology.

Exact ribbon positioning even with 0.6 mm widths
A unique feature of teamtechnik stringers is that the key processes of ribbon and cell handling on the one hand and soldering on the other are decoupled by means of a patented hold-down device. This ensures optimal ribbon positioning, even down to very narrow ribbon widths of just 0.6 mm. Combined with the contactless infrared soldering process that compensates for fluctuations in the cell material, this results in consistently the best soldering, precise ribbon positioning and exact string geometry.

Flexibility for up to 6 busbars
The new system can process solar cells with up to six busbars. Even after delivery, it can be modified to accept five or six busbars. This applies for both full cells and half cells. The result: constantly high string quality with breakage rates of less than 0.1-0.3%.

Best outlook for the future
The management at teamtechnik views the market potential for this segment as significant: annual growth in installed PV capacity is expected to be up to some 15% and production capacity worldwide is being expanded. 'The Stringer TT2100 offers a colossal output at low cost and the highest quality – and also an efficient 24/7 production regime and high system availability,' says Sven Kramer, vice-president of Sales for teamtechnik's Solar Technology division. 'With this machine we are helping our customers to cut their manufacturing costs and secure a competitive advantage.'




A short portrait: teamtechnik Group

Based in Freiberg/Germany, teamtechnik has been developing and building intelligent and reliable automation solutions for the solar and medical technology and automotive sectors for 40 years. teamtechnik is considered an international leader in highly flexible automation technology. The senior management team has set a sales target of €150 million for the current business year. The company employs 900 people around the world. The majority of the workforce are engineers and highly qualified specialists. teamtechnik Group has 6 production sites in Germany, Poland, China and the USA.