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teamtechnik sets trends in stringer technology: ‘Lead-free Photovoltaics’ cooperative research project receives Energy Globe Award in Austria

Image caption: Stringer TT1400 ECA with adhesive technology for high-performance production
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In a joint project between science and industry the German-based global market leader for high-tech stringer systems took part in developing the first lead-free PV system with glued ribbon technology. The strings for the new generation were produced on a Stringer TT1400ECA and have already proven their practical effectiveness.

For the ‘Lead-free Photovoltaics’ project the team, based at the Carinthian Tech Research (CTR) research institute and the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) also brought teamtechnik on board because of its pioneering position in solar bonding technology. In the jointly developed design, the solar cells are glued together using structured ribbons rather than being soldered - no lead required. This enables the lead content in a photovoltaic module to be reduced. Using glued ribbon technology and doing away with lead makes solar module manufacturing more environmentally sustainable and recycling easier. A pilot project using lead-free glued solar cell bonding has been set up in Villach, Austria and has proved itself to be practically feasible. The adhesive technology makes it possible to use structured LCR ribbons, which also allow a higher module output to be obtained.

The Energy Globe Award gives prizes to projects with a focus on sustainability and resource conservation. This environmental prize is awarded annually as a regional, national and international distinction. In Carinthia the prize was awarded in early May.

teamtechnik specialists achieve best connection results
The STRINGER TT1400 ECA makes the manufacture of solar cell strings by adhesive-bonding technology possible even in industrial mass production. teamtechnik has long been in demand internationally as a development partner in the solar field. Module manufacturers from many countries bring new cells and materials with them to teamtechnik in order to develop innovative process solutions together with its experts. Since the company entered the solar sector in 2004 this specialist in automation solutions has grown into a technology leader in the field of new cell types and manufacturing processes. The company invests constantly in the development of modern process and control technology and is a specialist in high performance stringers and layup applications.




A short portrait: teamtechnik Group

Based in Freiberg, Germany, teamtechnik has been making intelligent and reliable automation solutions for the solar, medical technology and automotive sectors for 40 years. In 2004 teamtechnik introduced the first stringer system to the market. Today the company is an international technology leader in this segment of solar module production. The senior management team has set a sales target of €150 million for the current business year. The company employs 900 people around the world. The majority of the workforce are engineers and highly qualified specialists. teamtechnik Group has 5 production sites in Germany, Poland, China and the USA.