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Sie interessieren sich für teamtechnik Industrieausrüstung GmbH in Ingersheim/Schramberg?


teamtechnik-Service-Management. To ensure your systems always run. In every country on earth.

More than 80 experienced service technicians who now work for us provide fast, effective support. In the past few years we have systematically expanded our Customer Service team. Support from teamtechnik – services appreciated by production managers throughout the world. In practice this means: maximizing production output, reducing downtime and ensuring a high level of operational reliability.

Our services. Perfectly coordinated. Benefit from it.

teamtechnik provides much more than a standard service. We know your machine must never stand still:

  • Express service for rapid fault resolution
  • Extended flexible service availability (such as agreed response times)
  • Deliveries with a warehousing approach to replacement and wearing parts
  • In the offer phase: systematic analysis of future service requirements with an analysis of weak points, faults and strengths
  • Optimization of the production environment
  • Adjustment and correction of relevant testing processes
  • Individually agreed service and maintenance contracts

We pass our expertise on to our customers and help train their employees.

Some examples from our training program, which we make available worldwide:

  • Maintenance technician training (electrical and mechanical)
  • User training
  • Programmer training