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STRINGER TT4200 GIGA – teamtechnik’s high volume production STRINGER with up to 145 MWp capacity

Since more than 13 years teamtechnik has been focusing on string soldering systems for the interconnection of solar cells. This extensive practical experience built the foundation for the new high volume production STRINGER TT4200 GIGA. The STRINGER TT4200 GIGA has a production capacity of 145 MWp requiring only a floor space of 15.3 m². Non-contact IR light soldering technology is used in combination with a closed-loop control system for a gentle and uniform soldering process providing the best in class soldering result. teamtechnik uses hold-down devices in its systems to separate the soldering process from the cell handling process. This guarantees 4,200 cycles/hour. The hold-down devices ensure safe and reliable process steps and minimal breakage rates as well as precise positioning and alignment of cells and ribbons. The resulting strings offer impressive geometrical quality with excellent cell and ribbon positioning.

STRINGER TT4200 GIGA – the benefits:

  • High throughput: 0.85 seconds cycle time
  • Low breakage rate < 0.1 – 0.2 %
  • Availability > 95%
  • Cost-effective and economical production
  • High production capacity on a small footprint


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World Record: NEW STRINGER TT4200 GIGA

teamtechnik’s high volume production STRINGER with up to 145 MWp capacity on smallest footprint!
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