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Experts on high-performance and quality

Solar module manufacturers around the world are asking themselves this key question: "How many strings can I produce, what will be the cost and what quality will they be?" the answers to these questions are the proficiency of teamtechnik: Cell-Handling, stringing and soldering. teamtechnik's TT stringers are the solution for efficient 24/7 high-performance production and outstanding string quality. Solar module manufacturers around the world rely on them.

Lowest breakage rates at less than 0.1– 0.3%

teamtechnik's technology separates the handling process from the soldering process, which minimizes thermal stress and therefore also stress cracks in the solar cells. teamtechnik stringers solder with non-contact infrared technology.

This tried and tested method, combined with teamtechnik process and control technology and preheating and controlled cooling, enables the solar cells to be processed carefully. Tolerances in the cell material can be balanced out.  

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2100 cycles/h – high output like no other

teamtechnik achieves 2100 cycles/h with just one track: that's 1.71 seconds per cycle! Our unique hold-down device is one of the features that enable us to accomplish this reliably high output. teamtechnik uses this hold-down device to separate the actual soldering process from the cell handling.

This makes the process easier to monitor, the string quality is better, and the breakage rate is reduced to a minimum.

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Perfect string quality

The geometry of your solar-cell strings will always be of the highest quality, be it the alignment, linearity, length, cell intervals or cell and ribbon positioning. This precision comes from three components: Our accurately dosed flux not only guarantees low usage.

But also ensures that the busbars are perfectly coated. Precision cell handling and a camera system to align the cell guarantee that it is perfectly positioned. In addition, the ribbon-handling system, with vacuum grippers and the hold-down device, ensure perfect ribbon positioning on the cell busbars.

High system availability for 24/7 production

teamtechnik stringers can be relied on for production round the clock, seven days a week. This high availability, plus the ease with which the systems can be maintained, are key to why solar module manufacturers choose teamtechnik.

The unique selling point for our systems is the separation of the two processes: "ribbon and cell handling" and "soldering". Reducing the complexity of these processes is what sets our systems apart. The use of tested system components makes for stable processes. We are now shipping the sixth generation of TT stringers from our factories in Germany and China. With each new generation, our engineers have improved performance and optimized availability. As a result of this work and experience, our systems achieve extremely high availability.

Short delivery and installation times

Every day before the SOP date counts. Short delivery times from the factory and committed service technicians around the world ensure that systems are installed and commissioned quickly and effectively. With our ability to supply a stringer every day, we can achieve extremely short delivery times.

Because the construction of the systems is highly standardized, it takes just a few days for installation and to get production going at the customer's premises. And our well-trained service staff are instrumental in ensuring this too.

We optimize your process

Module producers bring their new cells and new ribbon materials to us at teamtechnik. We help you to create a recipe for a homogeneous and even distribution of solder over the whole busbar to deliver the peel-off force you specify. Our specialists realize perfect soldering results.

With high peel-off force values and low cell stress. We carry out pre-testing in our own competence center and apply the findings to the system process, providing you with a reliable recipe for high-output production.

teamtechnik – We are developing the future.





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