More than 1,000 kg of donations for Ukraine

Three pallets containing more than 1,000 kg of donations were received in response to teamtechnik's second fundraising campaign.

This time the collection was made for the town of Semenivka near Odessa in Ukraine. Compared to the first campaign, which also accepted donations from the public, this one was more than double! A huge thank-you to the entire workforce for your generous donations and also to everyone who provided active support to the campaign. As a token of gratitude and in recognition of the excellent results, the teamtechnik directors are making a cash donation equal to the total value of the goods. Since some of our employees have also donated money, overall we are making a significant contribution.

Both fundraising campaigns were held in cooperation with Bessarabiendeutscher Verein e.V. (Bessarabia German Association) from Stuttgart.
Bessarabia is a region in today's Ukraine. Many Bessarabia Germans fled from the region to the West in 1944. More information on the association is available here: https://www.bessarabien.de/


Donations are still being accepted by:

Bessarabiendeutscher Verein e.V.
IBAN DE33 5206 0410 0000 6091 53
Purpose (reference): Humanitarian Aid Semenivka