Programmable Logic Controller

The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) module starts with an introduction to the basic structure of digital technology, binary systematics and the IPO model for trainees with relevant previous knowledge according to the framework curriculum. Later, the functioning and structure of a PLC are examined in more detail.

The creation of the hardware configuration for a PLC1512C in the TIA portal is also part of this module, as is the connection to a simulation software. Within this simulation, small machine parts are programmed and individual program blocks are introduced. Various logic gates are applied here.

In these tasks, different types of data and their meaning are used and converted in a given context.

Depending on the duration of the module, the contents learned can then be applied and implemented on hardware assemblies of various types. To name a few examples: Assemblies can be controlled via a simulated HMI, or decentralised peripherals can be integrated via a bus system. We are also happy to offer the PLC modules in different training years, so that the contents are coordinated in line with the vocational school curriculum.


- Basic structure of digital technology, binary system, IPO model

- Functionality and structure of a PLC

- Creating the hardware configuration in a TIA-Portal for a PLC 1512C - 1PN

- Establishing a connection to the PLC-Lab simulation software

- Explanation of the individual program blocks (OB, FC, FB, DB) by means of small programming assignments with simulation tasks

- Demonstration and application of simple logic gates (AND, OR, NAND etc.) but also more complex ones such as RS-FlipFlop, time blocks, counters, etc.

- Conversion of various data types for rational use

- Programming and commissioning of hardware modules

- Partial HMI via the PLC-Lab simulation

- Partly with integration of a bus system



1-3 weeks, with modules possible in different training years


€ 325 per participant per week

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