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Assembly and testing technology, software, feeding and palletising systems, as well as qualification

When one company can deliver everything you need, the project interfaces match perfectly and the process integration flows smoothly. This unburdens our customers no end. They can concentrate on their product while we can concentrate on the safe solution for their automation.

The teamtechnik "all-round carefree package" for our customers 

  • Assembly technology
  • Testing technology
  • Feeding technology
  • Palletisers
  • Qualification
  • Software solutions

Discover our all-embracing expertise.

Assembly technology

A string of successful solutions. Our engineers are well-oiled in complex assembly processes for high-volume production. This process expertise has been the linchpin of our company  for over 40 years – underpinning new solutions in particular.

Process competence

Automated Process Technology

Implementing automated process technology is one of our areas of expertise – from proof-of-principle for single processes and their automation to integration into an overall system. One example is gluing in a controlled environment under controlled conditions.

Testing technology

If we assemble it, then we test in. Inline or offline - depending on requirements. For example, we carry out precise functional tests for injection systems on our Injector Test System. For us, assembly and testing go hand in hand.

Process competence

Feeding technology

We develop and build the basis for process-reliable assembly systems ourselves. With our own feeding technology competence centre, we ensure the flow of components to the second. 

Feeding technology

teamtechnik palletiser

We also draw on our own successful expert solutions for safe parts handling, whether with Euro pallets or trays. GMP-compliant for medtech, of course.


teamtechnik qualification

teamtechnik qualification engineers are experienced. They know the teamtechnik systems "inside out". This makes qualification efficient and cuts down on costs and time. 


teamtechnik Software

teamtechnik has developed the "teamsoft" software - a tried and tested, standardised production control system and testing software. It is configured precisely to your specific production requirements. This results in perfect interfaces in hardware and software and a holistic, safe system solution.


The teamtechnik systems in short: reliable with high output

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