Process expertise

Strong process expertise for medical devices

Robotic and vision processes, needle handling, functional testing, welding, gluing and joining processes, filling and dispensing technologies and much more. We have a large engineering database with extensive process technology for assembly and testing and a know-how that is always up-to-date. Our expertise at your service.

Our engineers - experienced, determined and ingenious

Experienced engineers with specific technological knowledge are needed to keep processes running stably. They also develop new and ground-breaking process solutions. For example, a cost-saving LED-based curing process. Injection systems

Our process expertise is your peace of mind

- Curing with LED

- Curing with UV

- Filling

- Image processing

- Blister assembly

- Blister feeding

- Flanging of septa

- Dosing techniques, microdosing

- Pressure testing in the millibar range

- Flow testing

- Labelling

- Extraction

- Fibre assembly

- Fibre counting

- Spring feeding

- Spring tensioning

- Forming

- Joining

- Functional testing

- Casting

- Blister handling

- Gluing

- Conditioning

- Laser inscription

- Laser marking

- Laser cutting

- Laser welding

- Soldering in the pharmaceutical environment

- Air flow testing

- Marking

- Assembly

- Needle bending

- Needle orientation

- Needle handling

- Plasma surface treatment

- Robot handling

- Roller clamp assembly

- Tube assembly

- Tube cutting

- Welding

- Sorting

- Biomarker spotting

- Sterilisation

- Tray loading

- Drying technologies

- Drip chamber assembly

- Ultrasonic cutting

- Ultrasonic welding

- Packing

- Screwing processes

- Web handling

- Feeding technology

- Tensile testing

Stable processes - many proven solutions

Curing adhesive with LED

Plasma treatment of the surface

Blister strip feeding and handling

Handling of fibre bundles

Image processing, spotting and plasma treatment

Specific pressure tests in the millibar range

High-precision dosing of the contact lens monomers

Labelling with RFID

Testing technology – our speciality right from the start

If we assemble it, we test it. The strictest regulations govern applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. That is why our testing experts also implement the necessary testing processes. The appropriate test parameters are developed by our software engineers.

Examples include sophisticated functional tests such as torque, force-displacement, flow testing, dynamic pressure monitoring, image processing with 3D profile scans, electrical integrity testing and many more.

 Injection systems

Inline testing 

We integrate 100 per cent end-of-line testing on our TEAMED assembly platforms. The end result is a fully verified product. Only verified products leave the assembly line.


Integrated assembly and testing system


The TEAMED INJECTOR TEST automated test platform has been specially designed for the integration of complex fully automated functional tests. Ideal for your batch release tests.

Batch testing. Qualified functional testing.

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Medtech – Palletizing systems (EN)

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Medtech – Palletizing systems (EN)

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Medtech – Feeder Systems (EN)

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Medtech – Feeder Systems (EN)

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Medtech - Brochure (EN)

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